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Face Mask: Do's and Don'ts to Follow
At the beginning of the year 2020, the whole world was required to start wearing face masks as a preventive measure against the coronavirus. In accordance with the recommendations by the centers for disease control and prevention, it is mandatory...
Three Reasons Why You Should Wear A Face Mask?
A typical mask helps to cover the nose and mouth to prevent any kind of transmission of fluids from the wearer to others. After the ramification of the virus Covid-19, doctors have been recommending everyone to use a face mask...
07 Things You Must Know About PPE Masks Made In USA
A PPE mask protects the wearer from infection. Proper use helps keep you safe and prevents the spread of COVID-19. This mask can prevent the transmission of respiratory viruses from persons who are ill. It is important for people who...
Importance of face mask protecting coronavirus
We are all becoming more familiar with concepts like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and N95 masks in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But who wants PPE? Why and when do they need it? Personal Protective Equipment is usually used...
Three Reasons Why You Must Buy A Dust Mask
Face masks have become an essential component in today’s time. Especially after the ramification of the Covid-19, using a face mask has become mandatory in order to save people’s lives. However, these masks don’t only protect individuals from this pandemic,...
07 Benefits Of Using Hand Sanitizers
One of the premier benefits of hand sanitizer is just that, it sanitises. It is intended to eliminate germs, and take cares of that business. When used appropriately, hand sanitizers can get rid of the germs on your hands. Next...
7 Benefits of Using Disposable Masks
Using disposable masks has several benefits. Wearing a face mask is the new normal for many, as we try to protect ourselves and others from COVID-19. That’s why the rise of disposable masks around the world has also increased. By...
How to Choose a Local 3 Ply Face Masks Supplier Online?
Using masks has become an essential part of our lives today, and we are majorly dependent on them to get protection from the coronavirus disease. Masks can also protect us from allergens, airborne viruses, bacteria and from an infected person coughing and...
Why Wearing a Face Mask is Still the Most Important Weapon Against Covid Infection?
Summary: The pandemic is not over. And the precautions we take and will continue to take will go a long way in defining how we keep ourselves safe and secured from the infection. In this article, we are going to...
Looking For Affordable PPE Wholesale Suppliers?
One event in 2020 that didn’t let most people relax even for a moment was the COVID-19 pandemic. Caused as a result of the Coronavirus, the worst part was that its growth rate was unpredictable for most of last year. Though...
Things to consider while choosing 3 Layer Face Mask
A typical mask used to cover the mouth and nose to prevent body fluid transmission from the wearer to others is a 3 layer surgical mask. It also decreases the chances of spreading the wearer's contagious liquid droplets while coughing and...
Will Face Masks be needed after the Vaccine?

A question in everyone's mind is will we need to continue wearing a disposable face mask after the new vaccine is received?  The initial reports are that the Covid-19 vaccine is nearly 90% - 95% effective which is based on trial data.  Our recommendation is that face masks should be worn until the government lifts restrictions, even if you have received the vaccine. 

Safe Shopping with a Face Mask
Over the holidays it is important to remember to wear the proper PPE when shopping like a disposable face mask.  As we come into the holiday season it is a time to be with the family and fully enjoy the season.
How to properly wear a mask

Guidelines from John Hopkins hospital on how to properly wear a face mask with pictures.

Use a Face Mask on Public Transit
As many of us head back to work the CDC has issued some new guidance on the importance of wearing a face mask when traveling on public transit.  CDC has said anyone traveling by air, sea, and land both travelers and crew must wear a facemask to stop the spread.
CDC Emphasizes wearing a Face Mask in close contact
As small outbreaks of Covid-19 continue it has prompted CDC to review guidelines as to what qualifies for close contact and when a face mask is needed.  The updated guidance changes the definition of "close contact" of an infected person to a person who has been within 6 feet of an infected person for a total of 15 minutes in one day.
Do Face Masks on a plane reduce risk of getting COVID?
The CDC just released a statement that it strongly recommends all passengers and crew members wear a face mask when traveling.  Early on in the pandemic air travel was a risky endeavor and some worried it would be sites of super spreader events.
Are Face Shields a safe Alternative to face masks?
Some are finding a plastic face shield more comfortable to wear than a disposable face mask, but will it keep you safe? Quick answer is No, a face shield does not provide full protection like a surgical face mask does.
Mask Up America mandate has cut COVID-19 infections
Recent articles and studies have found that wearing a disposable face mask has halved the COVID-19 infections, this proves the #MaskUpAmerica campaign is working.  A quality tested 3ply disposable mask is the only way to fight and remove this infection.
Individually Packed Masks NOW Available
Now introducing our Custom Packaged and Individually packed masks.  With the investment of a custom packing machine we can now custom pack any amount of masks up to 20 in a pack with our branding or your custom branding on the machine.
Is a Face Shield or Disposable Face Mask Better?
Plastic face shields have been used in the health care setting for many years, but are they more effective to protect you against airborne infection than a disposable face mask.  The simple answer is NO - 3ply disposable face masks provide superior protection against harmful airborne droplets.