Disposable Mask made for Prison and Jail Applications

Disposable Mask made for Prison and Jail Applications

Jail Facemask Overview

For a jail and prison, safety during this time is very important, we have designed a custom disposable 3ply facemask that is safe to be worn in prison.  Wearing a disposable mask when in jail is important so infection is not spread.

With an increase of infection of COVID-19 we felt it was important to bring a 3ply disposable face mask to the market that was completely safe to be worn in prison.  The issue with wearing a typical face mask in jail is that the metal nose bridge can easily be removed and used as a harmful tool.  Reports have stated that those in jail could eat the wire causing harm or use it to pick a lock or harm someone else.

Jail Face Mask Solution

Altor has created a face mask that has the nose wire removed which serves as a solution to this issue.  Being we are the manufacture of disposable face masks we have the ability to product a custom product that can also be package in different types of packaging.  An example could be individually wrapped or wrapped in packs of 10 masks.

A recent report from the Alabama Department of Corrections confirmed that 10 inmates and two employees had died from the coronavirus, there are 99 confirmed cases among inmates in the state prison system and 199 have tested positive.

Health officials and governors in states hit hard by the Coronavirus are all recommending the usage of disposable face masks in all applications, especially when in close contact with others.  Often times social distancing in prison is not possible so having a face mask to protect the inmates and employees of the prison system is critical.

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