Face Mask Blog Posts

Disposable Face Masks unlikely to cause over exposure to CO2 study finds
We can now all breath easy, a new study suggests that your surgical face mask doesn't cause a buildup of CO2 or restrict oxygen flow.  Studies also found that disposable face masks aren't harmful for patience with respiratory illnesses such as COPD.
Wearing a Face Mask saves Money
With the novel coronavirus still effecting many across the planet it is safe to say that wearing a face mask when going out in public or being close to other people will save you money.  With increase cases of the virus means the stock market and the economy being affected.
Keep your Glasses Clear when wearing a mask
If you wear glasses when wearing a face mask I'm sure you are aware of the fog up issue.  When wearing a face mask with glasses the fogging up issue can not only be an inconvenience but may at some times be a safety hazard.  
Disposable Mask made for Prison and Jail Applications
For a jail and prison safety during this time is very important, we have designed a custom disposable 3ply mask that is safe to be worn in prison.  Wearing a disposable mask when in jail is important so infection is not spread
What is TAA Compliance?
Often in the government buying space there is a need to purchase TAA Compliant products, this stands for the the Trade Agreement Act that was created in 1979 and is to enable growth and maintenance of a fair and open trading system for products like face masks.  TAA Compliance requires the USA Government, including GSA, to aquire only USA made or certain designated country products.
Did you say Potato or Tomato - Jumbled words with Masks
Often when ordering breakfast at your favorite bagel store when wearing disposable Face Mask or just speaking to a co-worker you find yourself having to repeat your self and can be a little frustrating at times!  Let's give you a few tips for next time you have to talk wearing a face mask.
What is the Berry Amendment?
The Berry Amendment was named after a US House of Representatives member Ellis Yarnal Berry who introduced an amendment called the Buy American Act which encourages and mandates the government to buy American goods.  The Berry Amendment was implemented in 1941 to protect the textile clothing industry during times of war.
Face Masks Really do Matter - Scientific Evidence is Growing
New research suggests that face masks are helping to reduce the transmission of the virus, some masks are more protective than others it's proving beneficial to wear a mask when in public!  As face protection emerges as the solution and weapon to fight this coronavirus the evidence is becoming more and more obvious that wearing a mask is the way to go
4 Tips on Choosing the Right Medical Face Mask
In a Hospital or Medical environment, it is important to choose the right Medical Surgical Face Masks.  You may have heard of a Level 1, 2, or 3 mask - what is the difference, and what is best for me?  We'll Explain...
The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing a Mask
Every time we go out in public we are encouraged to wear a facemask, most prefer a disposable face mask.  Here are some dos and don'ts of wearing a mask.  The CDC has published a guide but we'll mask it easy to understand!
Should I hang my Mask on my rear-view mirror?
As you drive around these days you see a lot of cars with face masks hanging from the front mirror, is this recommended?  We say NO, it's best to keep your mask in a clean place....but let's explain more!
ASTM F2100 Mask Testing Overview
In the USA there a few companies that specialize in testing disposable masks, Nelson Labs, and SGS to name a few.  These companies provide a comprehensive set of tests for surgical face masks and general use of medical disposable masks. ...
How to Properly Wear a Mask
It is important to learn how to properly wear face masks during these times.  Even though masks are touted as the best thin since social distancing that has been put in place.  Masks are effective only if they cover your mouth, nose, and chin.