1 Gallon Hand Sanitizers - Case of 4 Bottles

1 Gallon Hand Sanitizers - Case of 4 Bottles

Hand Sanitizer by altorsafety

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USA Made Hand Sanitizer

While hand sanitizers have been around for quite some time, never before did we all realize its importance until the onset of COVID-19. Today, we all know that the use of hand sanitizer kills countless harmful germs while also reducing microbial counts thereby saving us from any unwanted flu and viruses. At Altor Safety, we not only understand the significance of consistent use of hand sanitizers but are also aware of their need in workplace frequented by numerous people throughout the day. It is for this very reason that we offer bulk hand sanitizer – made in USA. We take immense pride in our ability to offer hand sanitizer made in USA at wholesale rates that come with the following features:

  • 70% Alcohol Content
  • Gel Like Consistency for Thorough Cleaning
  • Minimal Odor
  • Gentle on you Hand

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